Birthday Wishes with Kaja

by Liliya

Hi there,

It’s Kaja from Kajcyika crafts and today I made a bold glittery card that is actually really easy to make! Take a look:


I decided to go full glittery today, so I started by cutting out a piece of silver glitter paper. I cut it down to a size that is slightly smaller than the card base, which ensured that there will still be enough contrast on the card.

Then, I stamped out a floral image from Kind bouquet stamp set in black Copic friendly ink. First, I wanted to use red for the blooms, but I felt like it would be too Christmassy, so I ended up using dark blue shades. To make the coloring easier I used the no blend technique, where all you do is apply three shades of colors without blending.


I used the same coloring technique for the leaves, the only difference is that I used green shades for them.

The bloom is big enough that fills quite a lot of the background, so I decided to add a small sentiment that won’t cover too much of the remaining glitter. I went with ‘Birthday wishes’ stamp that can be found in Blooming bunch stamp set. To make it stand out, but still correspond nicely to the card, I used black ink on a piece of white paper.

I positioned the sentiment towards the right bottom side and the bouquet towards the left bottom side and glued everything together using Studio Katia glue.

That’s how simple this card is! Thank you so much for joining me! Let me know if you like making glittery cards or not. I must say that I usually forget about glitter, but when I use it I always love the result!



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1 comment

Giselle January 20, 2021 - 11:59 pm

Beautiful! I wish I knew how to add highlights like you!


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