Simple birthday card with Kaja

by Kaja

Hi there,

It’s Kaja from Kajcyika crafts here with you today and I made a really simple birthday card this time. Why? I must admit that I was busy making Christmas cards these last few months, so it’s about time I make some birthday cards that I can send around.

This is what I made:

First, I stamped out the background using the Floral garden set and a purple ink pad. I stemped it out towards the top part of a card, leaving the bottom empty.

Then, I did some ink blending using the new Studio Katia brushes. I made the top part as dark as possible and then make a smooth trasition to white at the bottom which is super easy with these brushes.

Once the background was done I stamped out the ‘Happy birthday to you’ sentiment that can be found in It’s your birthday stamp set. I used black ink to make it super bold and easy to read.

I popped the sentiment up using the double sided tape and then added some finishing touches using Black crystals.

Hope you like this simple idea for a birthday card. I know I will be making many more of this kind in different colors.




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